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Parents are very important for their children; they help them learn how to use the Internet and accompany them when surfing the Net, communicating in chat rooms and playing online games. This is why surfen-ohne-risiko.net supports you as parents in the media education of your kids and provides practical help: My Homepage (Meine Startseite), creative online quizzes and information about How to protect data, How to avoid costs, Children's issues, Online advertisingMobile devices, Report offences and many other easy to understand features.

Together with your children you can discover My Homepage, Family quiz (Familienquiz) and It's a deal! Our Net rules (Abgemacht! Unsere Netzregeln), combine education and entertainment and learn from each other.

Build an own homepage (Meine Startseite) – your kid's first step into the Internet

My Homepage (Meine Startseite): Create an own homepage, you can even make this a joint project with your child, design it individually and store it in the browser with just a click. This will always be your child's gateway to the Internet. You can choose from a variety of widgets: News specifically suitable for kids, good games, kid's mail services, search engines, weather, web surfing tips, movies and chat rooms; just like on a magnetic board you can move them back and forth, adjust the colors and work on them – lots of fun for kids. All topics come from kid's sites and are continuously updated.

Our partners are the kid's search engines Blinde Kuh, fragFINN and Helles Köpfchen, the Seitenstark kid's chat room, Kinderfilmwelt, klick-tipps.net and news etc. from the SWR-Kindernetz and ZDFtivi-logo!.


Family quiz (Familienquiz) – Who knows more about the Internet?

You can choose from two options:

Who knows more? (Wer weiß mehr?)
Here, children and parents test their knowledge; who knows more about navigating the Net, chatting and playing online games and in the end, wins the cup? Just enter a nickname, chose a character and off you go. 

I know you! (Ich kenn dich!)
Does my Mom or Dad play on the Internet, too? Which websites does my kid know? The better you know each other the more credits you get. Through playing, parents and their kids get to talking with each other and learn more about the family's use of the Internet.

Go click the mouse! (Ran an die Maus) – Introductory films

In a very entertaining and informative way, three short cartoon movies show the kid's fascination for surfing the Net, chatting and playing online games and also reveal potential risks – a quick introduction to the subject 'Children on the Internet'.

Klick-Tipps of the day – Many exciting websites for children

Each day, checked and approved recommendations for children to surf the Net – you can rely on these and can always be sure to have a good suggestion at hand.

How to's (Gewusst wie) – All about children and the Internet

How do I protect my child's personal data? Do children detect online advertising? Are there safety settings for handheld game consoles? Here you can find tips and information. In addition, the most frequent questions children ask and the right answers to these.

It's a deal! Our Net rules (Abgemacht! Unsere Netz-Regeln)

Together with your child you can click on a variety of standard rules and set up your own 'family Net rules' or add extra ones! All agreed? Then you can print it out. This encourages your children to keep you updated and along the way they learn to take responsibility for their use of the Internet.


Surfing, chatting, playing games (Surfen, Chatten, Spielen) – important information for parents

The website provides background information and recommended websites concerning the most popular online activities of children – have a look!




Who is behind the website Surfen-ohne-Risiko?

Together with other partners, jugendschutz.net developed the website on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Family (BMFSFJ).

The content is based on the booklet Ein Netz für Kinder – Surfen ohne Risiko? (A Net for Children – Surf without Risk?) which jugendschutz.net created in 1999 on behalf of the BMFSFJ. The booklet is continuously revised and has just recently been published in the 8th edition.

jugendschutz.net was founded by the German State Ministries of Youth in 1997 as the organization for the protection of minors on the Internet in Germany. jugendschutz.net supports the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) and the Supreme State Youth Authorities.

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    Für Eltern: Broschüre mit Schwerpunkt „Smart Home clever vernetzt“

  • Smartphone und Tablet sicher in Kinderhand

    Flyer zum sicheren Umgang mit Apps und mobilen Geräten.

  • Falt-Laptop "Fit für's Netz!"

    Für Kinder: Sicheres Verhalten online einfach erklärt.

  • Film zum Thema Chatten

    Film zum Thema Chatten

  • Film zum Thema Surfen

    Film zum Thema Surfen

  • Film zum Thema Spielen

    Film zum Thema Spielen

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